Dear friends, many of us have become a little too big for our britches. As we’ve grown older we’ve begun to think that we know it all. We think we’re experts in spiritual things. This should never be. 

Followers of Christ should maintain a childlike attitude when approaching the throne of grace. We should never approach the throne of grace with preconceived ideas. We don’t know the will of God until He reveals it to us.  For instance, today we are dealing with the corona virus. It’s been killed in Jesus’ name, it’s been eradicated in Jesus’ name, the spirit of fear has been done away with and cast into hell. One would think that if there was power in Jesus’ name the corona virus is gone. It would have to be. Either that or all these preachers who have supposedly brought an end to it are actually phony.  

I believe there are preachers upon preachers who had some good days when they were younger, but are now falling all over themselves because they thought too highly of themselves. Men who used to preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified are now preaching about the authority of the believer, the claiming of promises and how to decree things into existence. Humble men who once followed the Person of Jesus now herald phony and lofty ideas about the Christian life and ministry. They’ve turned Jesus into a golden calf one can use to accomplish anything the mind can for-see. 

Along the way others have adopted these new teachings because they make people feel powerful and free. To believe as they do is a tremendous boost to the ego. Not only do they believe they have the right and power to do these things, they can do them whenever they want. They need not wait for a leading of God; they see themselves as like God, and lead themselves. 

Dear friends, we must fight hard to remain humble before God; we must constantly count ourselves unworthy of His kindness. The moment you feel worthy of Him is the moment you are about to fall from grace.

Jon David Banks, God’s most unworthy servant

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