Answered Prayer

Eight days ago I wrote of the severe trial I’m going through. Most, not all, of my pain is in my back. My back is severely messed up, or so the doctors say. Among other things, I also have a pinched nerve that produces severe pain just to the side of my left shoulder blade. It was causing the worst of the pain. I told you that I have not asked the Lord to heal me because He said it was a trial I must endure. 

Well, a few days before I wrote that letter I knelt at my couch and asked the Lord to please dull the pain a little. I pled with Him because it was almost unbearable. Two days after I wrote the letter my wife approached me and said, “Get ready, we’re going to Amarillo.” I asked why and it turned out that she had made an appointment for me with an acupuncturist. She knew I wouldn’t call one myself because I was afraid of the needles. When she told me to get ready my appointment was about two hours away, so I just bit my tongue and got ready.

The acupuncturist used some cups as well as needles. Since then my pain from the pinched nerve has been, and remains, dulled quite a bit. It has made a huge difference. I’m so thankful my wife took it upon herself to set this up, and I’m so thankful to God for my wife, and for His answering my prayer. I still have a little pain, but it is so much better. I’m very grateful.

This was my first time seeing an acupuncturist. The needles I was so afraid of didn’t hurt a bit. To God be glory for it all.  

Jon David Banks, God’s most unworthy servant

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