My Back

I have what might turn out to be good news — I’m seeing a neuro-surgeon two days from now (Wednesday). Whether it’s good or not depends on what he says. I certainly don’t want surgery. But God’s will be done. This is only the beginning because my lower back is as bad, if not worse, than my upper back. Wednesday concerns my upper back. I have the results from two MRI’s, one for the upper and one for the lower back. 

I want you all to know that I love you. Christ’s love for you burns and flows within me. I want only the best for each of you. His will is best. I’ve been hard on some, especially by pointing out false doctrines many believe. Although my words may sound harsh, they aren’t intended that way. I can’t stand the devil’s servants leading God’s children astray. They use Scriptures and twist them to appeal to the fleshy desires of those who walk by the flesh. 

These people preach that Christians should lift themselves up to God’s level and claim His promises, decree what they want, stand on the Word (as opposed to simply believing the Word). Some even teach that Christians can speak things into being. The people who preach these things are no better than carnival barkers, trying to entice others to buy their wares. They are anti-christ. 

Please don’t insult the Lord by listening to preachers like this. He is faithful; He can be believed without doubt; He is kind and merciful to those who believe in Him and in His holy Son Jesus. He will never leave us in the dark. He is compassionate and loving. He knows every thought in our head, even before we think it. His understanding is beyond comprehension. His love is before time and now and forever, as is He Himself. He is God; we are dirt; may we conduct ourselves accordingly.

Jon David Banks, God’s most unworthy servant 

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